Dumb Blonde

from Alien by Paul Smith



I really didn't like traditional record companies back in 1995. Not sure my opinion has changed much.


So I’m a dumb blonde.
So what have I done wrong?
You need to excuse me,
My appearance precedes me.
So I got long hair
And you can’t decide where,
My market lies.
You got the money so you decide.

You say what’s signed and what is not.
You tell me what I have
And what I haven’t got,
Because I’m a dumb blonde.
You talk down to me ‘cause you think you can
You feed me lies to keep me where you want me
To remain, to remain, to remain, to remain.

You want to mould me.
You have great plans.
‘Cause I’m a dumb blonde not paid to think
Sales and product are all that counts.
Making it easier for you to screw
Every artist that comes to you.

You say what’s ‘in’ and what will sell,
You want money and control.
The mastermind, the missing link.
The fucked up way you deal with people.
All you say and all you do
Is spewed out with your point of view.
That we’re all dumb and you’re the one
That holds my future in your palm.
In your palm, in your palm, in your palm, in your palm.

I can see you.
I’m coming for you.
I will get you.
‘Cause you don’t see me.

Dumb blonde, no threat, no brains.
My market, my skill, my choice.
Your image, my words, your voice.
This dumb blonde just said no.


from Alien, released October 3, 2013


all rights reserved



Paul Smith UK

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